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Rupesh Tatia

Rupesh Tatia


“Behind every single event ever held, personal, public or corporate, there are weeks and months of thorough, obnoxious, diligent planning done by professionals.”

We are proud to be such professionals, who have all been working in the catering industry for years. Besides doing personal catering for weddings and engagements, themed catering and incentive group catering are our top specialty. We also specialize in providing services for meetings, gala dinners and award ceremonies. We are always on the budget, ahead of the schedule and spot-on!

We’re the best, here’s why:

Ahead of the Schedule!

Years of professional catering has taught us to plan meticulously for each and every occasion. Regardless of how much time you leave us with, we will make sure to use every single minute of it for making the catering experience truly memorable and awesome!

Attention to Detail

When you are planning a wedding or an engagement, themed party, conference or an award ceremony that has a sophisticated itinerary and a lot of nuances, it is easy to get things wrong…but not when our seasoned catering planners are at task!

Fair Pricing

While catering for a big-scale event that has a lot of guests may be pricey, we never make it unaffordable. Our whole pricing policy is aimed at the fees being value for money, which at the end of the day sounds reasonable both to you and to us.


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